1. Stars Reduction

Make your stars smaller and less bright.

2. Nebula/Galaxy Boost

Get a more contrasted picture and enhance details without adding noise.
You may need to lower the opacity of the layer or use script #4.

3. Synthetic Luminance

Add luminance to your picture without buying any filter.
Sometimes works better than script #2 but red nebulas may become orange.

4. Over-exposure and Highlights correction

Correct highlights, particularly over-exposed centers of galaxies and nebulas.
Can also be used to reduce the effect of script #2.

5. Nebula/Galaxy Saturation v1

Boost the colors of your nebulas and galaxies, without adding noise or over-saturating your picture.

6. Nebula/Galaxy Saturation v2

Boost the colors of your nebulas and galaxies more strongly than with script #5.
You'll probably get a highly saturated picture.

7. Stars Chromatic distortion Correction

Reduce stars chromatic distortion.

8. Stars Color Increase

Boost the color of your stars.
Can be used after script #7 if your stars lost their color.


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